Wednesday, October 16

*Organic is the New Black

Over the last year an item on my to do list was to get more organic veggies in the house. We have always had vegetables in this household but we wanted to aim for more per serving per meal.  Of course I want the most nutrient dense veggies for our overall health as well.

 There are several ways to go about this:
  • Option 1: Continue to buy conventional produce.
  • Option 2: Buy ALL organic produce.
  • Option 3: Buy regular produce, except for the dirty dozen. 
Conventional: Buying conventional produce is fine for anyone on a budget. Eating veggies is better than not eating veggies. Although the thought of eating these items that were grown with pesticides and chemicals gives me the heebe geebees when I really start to think about it. Conventional is the most cost effective.

Organic: Buying organic produce makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I like eating vegetables that I know have no pesticides/chemicals** on the land for a minimum of 3 years and were grown with care using farming practices that are both old and new. If you buy all organic veggies be prepared to spend $50+ per week on produce particularly if you buy from a major grocer.

Pick 'N' Choose: This (maybe more affordable) option is to purchase all conventional except what the Environmental Working Group calls the dirty dozen. I came around to this option because Mr. FFF (FoodFavesFun) doesn't like it when I buy... an Organic Apple that is smaller AND more expensive than its conventional prototype. He doesn't see the value. Health duh! This is still an expensive option considering basically everything I like to eat is on the dirty dozen list except for celery***. But over the last year it has been the way that I have been making sure I can vote with as many of our dollars as possible and still feel slightly warm and fuzzy.

Here is a handy guide to take along with you to the grocery store to keep you on track.

Is shopping Organic important to you? If so, do you "vote with your dollars" by buying/supporting organic farms?

*How much did you love Orange is the New Black??? One awesome thing about Netflix making their own shows is getting to partake in the ultra marathon once the show is released. The bad thing is still having to wait until the net season. Ekkk!

**Due to the Government Shut down of October 2013, I wasn't able to link up and get the deets from the National Organic Program itself. From my understanding, there are no chemicals and synthetic pesticides plus the veggies are not subjected to irradiation and are also inspected/certified each year.

*** Hate celery!!! Unless its chopped up really small and hidden in my food.

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