Tuesday, October 22

Crazy for Zucchini's

I know the summer is ending which means the beloved zucchini will no longer be in season BUT who doesn't love a good Zucchini Bread? Mr. FFF looooovvves Zucchini Bread. He must think its good for him or something... but just like carrot cake this delicious bread is full of sugar and gluten. Just take a look at the standard version from my Better Homes & Garden *Cookbook. One cup zucchini to one cup sugar? Not the best way to eat your veggies. Since our home is now gluten free I decided to try out a couple of zucchini bread recipes I have had my eye on from my two **favorite gluten-free bakers. 

First up, Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread from Elana's Pantry. I like zucchini and love chocolate but the two of them together?? I wasn't sure. Followed her recipe to the T and it turned out great! Moist, chocolaty, but still had that underlying zucchini taste we all know and love. 

Next up, Almond Flour Zucchini Bread from Against All Grain's Danielle Walker. This bread turned out ***okay but to be fair I misread the directions and I don't enjoy the taste of banana. Danielle states to use two mini loaf pans and I used the same pan as in the first recipe which is apparently in between the regular loaf and the mini loaf. Whoops- first world problems, lesson learned. The center was still pretty under cooked once I took it out of the oven but I ended up slicing this bread up and sticking it on a cookie sheet back in the oven until done. The good news is that it tasted very similar to the classic version. 

Mr. FFF didn't like any of them. After one bite the words "This doesn't taste like my mom's" slipped right out. *sigh* The chocolate one is out for him (although I loved it!) because it is too different from the original but I am going to try out Danielle's version again when I have an extra zucchini laying around. I can tell from the taste he will like it if I can just use the proper pan... I think we will have a winner. 

In the mood for some zucchini bread? Why don't you do a taste test too! 

*This is the cookbook I refer to to see all standard recipes before making it mine.

**Both of these ladies also have cookbooks so be sure to check them out. (Elana has three and Danielle just came out with her first one this year.) 

***The recipe includes one very ripe banana- I don't really like bananas but I did recognize that it would be needed for the sweetness in the recipe, so I included it. >> I << can taste the banana but it is pretty faint and mixed in with the other flavors but if you are the other 1% of people who could do without the taste of this high potassium fruit you might not like it.  

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