Thursday, October 31

Super Simple Sriracha Dressing

For those that know me, know I LOVE spicy food. Love it. There have been several times in our relationship that I have single handedly taken Mr. FFF out of commission because I thought it was the perfect amount of spice... but apparently it was too much for the normal people in this world.  My love for sriracha is no different and currently I am on another kick. Last night was taco night so I wanted to re-purpose the leftover chicken in today's lunch as a salad and instead of using the same old Balsamic Vinegar dressing I usually whip up, I decided a spicy lime dressing was needed.

The SRIRACHA LIME DRESSING WAS BORN! Literally in 30 seconds I whipped this together (so there is no reason not to have fresh dressing when you would like it).

Ingredients Needed: Sriracha, Lime Juice, Olive Oil, S&P
Step 1: Break out any container that you can shake things in and it not leak. I used this small mason jar.
Step 2: *Pour in half lime juice, half Sriracha plus a sprinkle of salt & pepper- not the late 90's rap group.
Step 3: Place lid on and shake. Uncap lid and test for taste/spiciness/saltiness.
Step 4: Whatever amount of liquid you have from Step 2 place the equal amount of olive oil. Cap and Shake. Taste again & pour over your salad. 

Your welcome world.

Lunch is over but I will leave you with this article I ran across the other day which, of course, is only making me use more throughout the day not conserve. Thankfully today's verdict was a win for all spicy food fanatics! Production will be resumed. Yay!

Do you make your own dressing at home? 
If not what kind do you buy?

*JUST EYEBALL IT. Come on this is not rock science; this all about how YOU like it so just eyeball it and then eventually you will know how much you like. This goes for all homemade dressings- Practice Makes Perfect.

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