Wednesday, June 4

Cooo-kies (the quest to find the perfect GF cookie)

Where has the time gone? Looking back, it seems that I haven't posted in over a month...Oops. What having I been doing all this time? I have been looking for the perfect gluten free cookie. That's a good excuse right? (I might have gone on a little bit of a cookie binge.) The good news is I have stumbled upon the most delicious cookies over the last month and am sharing my favorites with you today. Lucky you; no web scouring necessary. 

Runner up #2
Snickerdoodles by the Urban Poser These are really delicious. They are soft, cinnamon-y and perfect for any occasion and when you don't want chocolate. (When would you not want chocolate?? blasphemy.) These were Mr. FFF favorites overall.

Runner up #1
Soft & Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies by PaleOMG Wow. These are amazing. As long as you have the right kind of almond butter in the house (I used Justin's) they are also the easiest to make and therefore consume. I really thought I had found the best chocolate cookie here...

I took these pictures at night. So, this is not the prettiest picture,
please refer to London Bakes pictures for a more appetizing looking cookie. 

Flourless Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies by London Bakes Whoa chocolate! One little bite into this cookie and you get the perfect amount of salt, sweet, bitter (from the chocolate) and the perfect amount of chewiness. You really couldn't ask for a better cookie. 

I did do a few things different from the recipe but really not anything that would change the overall outcome.
* I didn't have brown sugar so I used Coconut Palm Sugar which is darker and has certain richness to it. I think it is easy substitute for the dark brown sugar (which is white sugar with molasses).
* I didn't use dark chocolate, I didn't have any. What I did have was the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips, which are soy free... The cookie might have been a little bit better with a darker chocolate. I guess I will have to make them again and again... and again just to find out. 
* I didn't wait the whole hour to chill the dough. I mean it was 9 pm and I wanted a cookie! So I couldn't possible wait until 10 pm just to make them... These are real life problems people. I decided to only chill the dough a little bit, like 20-30 minutes. I figured what could go wrong? Either the cookie will just be a bit flatter which doesn't really bother me OR the batter would melt off the cookie trey, into the oven and burn. Smelling up my house of inedible burnt cookie dough. So I took a chance. After the half hour, I took the batter out and used my handy dandy cookie scoop, I let the dough naturally flatten and stuck the cookie sheet in the oven. Viola. They came out great!

For all of these cookies since you are no using traditional flour or any flour at all you will need to patiently wait for them to cool entirely before removing from the parchment paper. 

I suggest when you get home today to make these. Although do not, I repeat, DO NOT make these if you have no milk in the house. In fact go buy a quart of milk on the way home just to make sure. According to Mr FFF, you are going to need it.

 "These are great but you need a half glass of milk with each cookie." 

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