Wednesday, January 22

THE List

Is it weird that every year I put together a list of restaurants that I really really have to go to by the end of the year? Nah. The List this year was inspired by a recent article by Laura Reiley in Tampa Bay Times. Doesn't she have the best job? Seriously, how do I get that gig? 

Below are the top 37 restaurants according to Reiley. (The original list was 50 but some of them I have no interest in or they are far enough away for me not to include them.)  Her well rounded lineup has pointed out a few that I still have yet to dine, made me reminisce in past deliciousness and showed me a couple of new ones that were not on my radar. 

Tampa Bay's Top Ten
10. CopperFish- This venue has been open since May of last year and every time I pass it on Howard, I am reminded that we still haven't dined there... Add it to The List
9. Birch & Vine- I have been to The Canopy upstairs and although it is not the same menu, it is the same kitchen so I really don't feel the need to dine here until some of the others on the The List have been conquered. 
8. Z Grille
7. Pearl in the Grove- I always love a good theme night but it is a little bit far for dinner. 
6. Rooster & the Till- I am down for anything new in Seminole Heights and I do love a good Farm to Table. Add it to The List
5. Mise En Place- Mr. FFF and I went with friends once but I wasn't really a fan. A little too stuffy for me.
4. The Refinery- Seminole Heights + Farm to Table + multiple time James Beard semi-finalist = So good.  

3. SideBern's- This one has been on The List for quite a while, we just never seem to make it there.  
2. Cafe Ponte
1. Edison- It is number one for a reason, but it is a bit loud for the older generations. 

Part of Tampa Bay's top 50
Bern's Steak House- Oldie but a goodie.
Datz/Dough- Love this place; we go often.

Osteria Natalina
Oxford Exchange- Love this place; would love to go more frequently.
Pane Rustica- Last year's anniversary dinner. Not too shabby. They have both inexpensive items and top dollar. 
Restaurant BT- I have been hearing about BT for a few years but I thought it closed down since I never saw it while driving on MacDill, which isn't far from home. Then the other day, I saw the sign (cue the early 90's pop song) until the other day.  Add it to The List.
Anise Global Gastrobar- Loving the fusion. 
Cena- Of course after we move from the Channelside area there are a few new restaurants and more things to do... But that won't stop me from dinning at Cena. Open since May, I am hoping to try it out before the end of the year. 
Add it to The List.
Fly Bar- A favorite.
Eddie V's
Seasons 52
Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe- This is another one that I haven't quite made it to yet. I hear the Sunday brunch is quite good. 
Add it to The List.
Council Oak
Cigar City Brew Pub- Need to head up to Carrollwood and try out this one. Local beer + food= sounds good to me. 
Add it to The List.
Yummy House- Take out counts right? I would like to go back for a dine-in experience. 
Taco Bus- It would be devastating if this taco place was not around. 

Capital Tacos- it's in Land O'Lakes but if I am ever up that way, you had me at Tacos. 

DTSP (Down Town St Pete)
Bella Brava
La V
Rococo Steak 
Ciccio's- Great to start off a Sunday Funday! But NOT while wearing a shirt that says Sunday Funday....
Gateway to India
Red Mesa- One of my absolute favorites.
Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish - Really need to get on this side of St. Pete to try the smoked fish.
Add it to The List but remember to bring cash. 

If all goes as planned then 2014 will be one delicious year. 

Restaurant BT
Rooster & the Till
Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe
Cigar City Brew Pub
Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish
Yummy House

There is plenty of room on the The List, so let me know if there is an eatery that you think I need try
 Happy Dinning!

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