Monday, November 18

Party in my mouth.

There really isn't anything better than flavors exploding in your mouth when a tasty morsel hits your tongue. Nothing. Better. Well maybe one thing.

I have never really been a pork person. You know when you are little and your mom has like ten meals that she makes for dinner and you either love, hate or are indifferent about them? So I LOVED taco night and hated when we had pork. But since its the other white meat and I enjoy trying out new cooking methods/recipes, I have had to expand from my chicken and beef repertoire in the last year. So when I made my order from US Wellness Meats I decided to go all out and get a pork shoulder.  It's been hanging out in our freezer for a few weeks now and I didn't really know where to start...
Left: picture of the recipe in Well Fed and a Margarita while
waiting. Right: Finished shredded carnitas. 
This weekend I made Melissa's stove top carnitas and it turned out to be the best piece of pork that has ever reached my taste buds. Better than bacon and that's something. Admittedly the smell of boiling pork wasn't very appetizing at first but once the water evaporated and the flavors of the different citrus juices became more concentrated, the more delicious the aroma became. 

As I mentioned we have been eating pork on a weekly basis for the last year but have stuck to mostly tenderloins and chops. Oh and bacon. But I just wanted to world to know I am officially a converted pork eater. Plus I used the succulent shredded pork in a *taco! GENIUS. So in the end I turned my least favorite meal into my most look forward to one.

If you get a chance, check out Melissa's website Clothes Make the Girl or buy any of her two amazing cookbooks (Well Fed and Well Fed 2). You won't regret it.
I certainly don't.


*For this dinner I also used the tortilla recipe from Simone of Zenbelly. Do it!

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