Thursday, October 11

Finally a GOOD jarred salsa

My last post (which was over a month ago...opps) was also about salsa so obviously I LOVE SALSA. But to be honest its hard to keep around.

Fresh salsa, roasted salsa, salsa verde; I feel like its only really good for two days MAX. I have been in search of a good jarred salsa for a while. Until recently, I was using a medium salsa verde from a familiar brand; it was a good standard. (much better than the mild/medium -never ever hot- red salsa that is in the "ethnic aisle") But I haven't been able to find it in any of my local grocery stores or online via Amazon Prime.

Four jarred salsas later.....

Green Mountain Gringo actually said "Hot" on the label which was intriguing... I am so glad I stumbled upon this little jar at Fresh Market. It is actually decently hot. "Are you trying to give me heartburn"- my other half said. I am going to try the medium too so if you aren't a hothead try the medium first. Additionally, this salsa is pretty chunky for my taste, if you like it that way your set. I like my salsa to be easily poured and more saucy so if your preferences are the same,  I suggest once you open the jar empty the whole thing in a food processor and give a few pulses until its to your liking.


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