Saturday, August 4

Dine Tampa Bay 2012!

It's here! Tampa Bay's Restaurant Week 2012 started August 3rd and goes through August 17 (which is actually 15 days).

Many well known restaurants, pricey and non-pricey alike, are participating: 717, Mise En Place, Datz, 400 Beach, Side Bern's- just to name a few. This is the perfect time to go to that restaurant that you have been wanting to try! Throughout my "research" (which includes trying to find the best deals and putting a plan together of how I can convince my husband to go to as many of these establishments as possible) I discovered some of these prix fixe menus are better deals than others... Check out the menu before you go! Dine Tampa Bay

Here is how I ranked some the deals I ran across.
No Beuno
 Donatello, Sono Cafe, The V- Crave Sushi
 Red Mesa fair, 400 Beach, Datz, Catch Twenty Three, Seasons 52
717, Mise En Place

For me, I have been wanting to give Wimauma (it's relativity new) a try for a few months now and have never made it to Side Bern's... also I would be completely happy to dine at any of the establishments in the good to great categories above.

Don't miss your chance; Happy Dinning Tampa!

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