Monday, August 27

Brewburger knows Sunday Funday!

What is better than having FUN on a Sunday?
 Doing it for cheap.

A few weeks ago I noticed a restaurant on Westshore I hadn't seen before;  then I spotted THE SIGN- $2 beers ALL day Sunday. This of course piqued my interest. 

I did a little research and found... not really too much. In April they opened here in Tampa, the predecessor in St. Pete at the start of the new year, each have a facebook page and limited reviews via yelp/urbanspoon and the website is constantly under construction. As frustrating as I find it not to get all of the information that I want (including the menu and prices) before I go to a new establishment, we went anyways- the very next Sunday. If all else fails it's just $2 beers, right?

In the last three weeks, we have been twice! This establishment has a good sized covered patio, fans that lightly mist, a large flat panel TV, allows dogs... The music is a good mix, but relies mostly on classic rock'n roll, the kind you want to sit back and enjoy.

It turns out that Brewburgers lives up to the name where the brews are concerned. For $2 a drink, I was expecting Bud/Bud Light or Miller Light. I was pleasantly surprised. The two dollar offer also includes craft/import beers: Shock Top, Yuengling, Palm, Ace Pear Cider, Strongbow Cider, New Castle, Guinness,  Stella Artois, Spaten Optimator, Tucher Hefewiess, Franziskaner, Kronenbourg 1664 and Cigar City's Jai alai.

For those needing a cheap meal on a Tuesday night, Brewburgers also has a burger special. All burgers are $2, which is about a $2 discount and only includes the burger itself.

I would like to state right here that Brewburgers is not a gastro pub; the food is not amazing. The burgers are slightly on the smaller side and greasy, the fries are curly and crispy, the boneless wings are nuggets of tiny fried chicken in a weak buffalo sauce, the fried green tomatoes are hockey pucks (probably purchased frozen and fried per order), the salad is fresh but not memorable.

*BUT the atmosphere is relaxing, the waitstaff is nice and the BEERS are CHEAP.
Plus its minutes from my house. See you there next Sunday?

Parking: Easy and Free
Price: Cheap! Items range from $2-$12, a meal for two under $25 w/ drinks.
Food: its a bar burger... greasy and inexpensive
Service: Nice & Relaxed.
Website:  <-- doesn't EVER work

  *on Sunday 

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