Thursday, September 29

Moneyball @ Cinebistro

Growing up in Tampa home of RAY’s baseball I can understand the frustration of having a really good baseball team that gets really far in the season but never quite wins the World Series. It'll happen- maybe even this year since we just got a spot as a Wild Card- just hasn't happened yet. The idea that some teams have so much money to buy a W makes me grit my teeth which is why I wanted to see this movie. 

Moneyball is not your typical sports movie. It doesn't follow the familiar formula: team sucks- someone does something to inspire confidence in the players- they overcome all odds/win a lot of games- small set back- overcome odds again and win the Mack Daddy Game. It doesn't follow that formula. 

It has great acting. The story of Billy Beane is really good- I think it shows youngsters that no matter how much promise you have, how talented you are, sometimes it’s best to go to college. It’s a good lesson to be taught that no matter how much you believe in yourself and your cause you might not win. Most movies don't show that. There also isn't what I would call the quintessential happy ending; to be honest I was not completely sure that the movie was over until the credits started rolling. Overall I give MONEYBALL a -B because of its baseball history and general message but it didn't WOW me.

If you have never seen a movie at a Cinebistro I must say you need to give it a try. First off 21+ which means no annoying teenagers and they serve food/alcohol. Plus the seats are very comfortable. Caution: you may never go back to a regular movie theater. 

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